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Easy DIY throw pillow

Desperately need to spruce up your tired old couch but hate sewing? Before you spend a fortune on trendy new throw pillows, give this super easy DIY a try! You’ll save time and money, plus, no needle and thread or sewing machine required!


This is one DIY that is completely customizable. You can create your own throw pillow cover using any color or pattern of fabric you’d like! In less than 20 minutes, you can instantly update an old couch and create throw pillows that will make your friends jealous!

Original tutorial provided by Tip Junkie.


  • 16 x 12-inch throw pillow
  • Your choice of fabric (needs to be double the width and height of the pillow size)
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins

Step 1: Measure fabric


Place the pillow in the middle of the fabric and make sure both sides around it are of equal length.

Step 2: Fold fabric over pillow

Beginning at the bottom, fold the fabric up to the center of the pillow. Repeat with the top half of the fabric and overlap in the center.



Then, starting on the right-hand side of the pillow, fold the top half of the fabric in. Repeat with the second bottom half. You’ll end up with the fabric shaped like a triangle.



Then, once both sides have been folded in, bring each side over the top of the pillow so it crosses over the center.

Step 3: Knot

Once both sides have been crossed over, take the ends and tie a knot right in the center. Don’t worry if the pillow looks really wrinkled and messy, you can fix that once the knot has been tied.


Tuck the frayed ends of the knots into one another and secure with a safety pin.


Step 4: Display!

Straighten the fabric and tuck in any loose ends. Display on your couch or bed!


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