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Rainbow hair colors: Summer’s the time to try

It’s summertime — the best time to try a fun new look or adventurous new hairstyle. Speaking of which, you’d have to be a hermit to not notice the new trend in hair color: Rainbow hair colors. From peek-a-boo streaks of purples, greens and oranges, to all over hues such as cotton candy blue and bubblegum pink, no color is off limits. Why not give the summer’s new trend a try!

woman with rainbow hair

Celebrity inspiration

From Katy Perry’s ever-changing hair color (though blue is always a tried and true hue for her) to Kelly Osbourne’s violet locks, celebrities have gone the way of the rainbow. Celebrities always set the hot trends and rainbow hues have taken Hollywood by storm. We expect rainbow hues from the likes of Nicky Minaj… but even celebrities that usually take the safe route such as Rachel McAdams and Lauren Conrad have rocked the rainbow trend.

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Take a dip

If an all-over color is a bit much for you, try a dip dye! This process results in color only at the ends of the hair. This can be done in a subtle ombre style (brown on blonde, for example), in rows of rainbow or in one select shade.

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Color for the commitment-phobe

If your profession doesn’t allow you to rock fun rainbow colors in your hair, or if you want to give rainbow hues a test drive before committing to the real rainbow deal, try some fun clip-in color streaks available at your local beauty supply store or salon.

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Color consultation

Before giving rainbow locks a try, be sure to consult your hairstylist about your goal (a fun and flirty new look) and which colors might best complement your skin tone and hairstyle. Fair-skinned ladies should choose a pale or pastel hue, while gals with darker complexions can get away with dark jewel tones like emerald green and burgundy.

Bring pictures of styles you like and make sure your hairdresser’s familiar with the sophisticated rainbow trend so you don’t walk out of the salon looking like you’re headed to a clown convention.

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