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Sexy summer workout wear

Don’t wear baggy pants and cotton tees to the gym this summer — keep those temperatures rising by wearing fitness clothes that are hot, hot, hot!

When you pick up our favorite sexy summer workout wear, you’ll have no problem looking smokin’ while you sweat.

Soffe Print Prima knee tights

Animalistic accents

There’s something undeniably sexy about subtle hints of animal print — it’s as if there’s a peek of your wild side showing through. Don’t go full-blown leopard print leotard, though! Choose pieces with animalistic accents, like animal print waistbands or stripes along the side. We absolutely adore the Soffe Print Prima knee tights with a subtle leopard stripe on the side ($30).

MPG's Flight

Bold bra tops

You know working out in the summer heat is enough to make you want to strip down… just make sure you’re not stripping down to a frayed, holey, old sports bra! Pick up supportive and fabulously styled bra tops like MPG’s Flight ($40) — the bold colors, fun straps and relatively low-cut bust make it functional and flirty, the perfect summer sportswear combination!

Sexy skirt

Sexy skirts

Whoever thought that skirts would make their way into mainstream workout wear? Lo and behold, they have — and while some exercise skirts are run-of-the-mill, we’ve found a few that offer siren-level sex appeal. Check out the Apifeni Belle Skirt ($68), for one (seen above)! This skirt’s slight A-line makes it perfect for every body type, and the hidden compression shorts make it functional for any workout routine, but the thing that makes it sexy? Extremely well-placed seaming and just a hint of tulle!

Need more proof that skirts are hot, hot, hot? Check out the Lija Sprint Amplify Skort ($80) — the draping and pleats look as great on the streets as they do on the step mill!

Soar top

Cutting-edge coverups

These days, a workout is just part of your trip to the gym. If you find yourself sharing a post-workout smoothie with a friend at the center’s cafe or watching your kids play poolside before you hit the treadmill, having a sexy coverup is a must. Opt for dance-inspired pieces with a loose, slouchy feel. We love the Soar top ($90) by GGO (seen above) for it’s lightweight and casual sexiness. Just keep in mind, sometimes it’s nice to have something warmer to throw on after a workout. When you need a coverup with some extra “heft,” you can’t go wrong with Kings of Cole hoodies ($154). While they’re cut with an over-sized “boyfriend” fit, the bright colors, subtle tailoring and rose-gold hardware make them undeniably feminine. Just throw one on over a pair of tights and you’re practically guaranteed to turn heads!

Devilish details

They say the devil is in the details and you know that’s true when it comes to sexy workout wear. An extra strap, a surprising cut-out or a well-placed seam is all it takes to take fitness gear from ho-hum to holy smokes! Prime example? Muse Activewear’s Sandbar at Nite set ($114). The crisscross ties on the back of the tank and the side of the capri are eye-catchers that are sure to make every man sweat!

Need more convincing? Check out MPG’s Ziggy top ($52) – the bright colors, perfect draping and unexpected twisted hem all add up to the perfect sexy summer tank top.

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Sandbar at Nite set

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