5 Flattering summer shorts for all body types

Finding the perfect shorts for summer can be a daunting task, so use this quick guide to find the perfect shorts for your body type!

Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped

Look for styles that minimize the size of your hips. You will want to look for styles that fit in the hips and fall straight and do not hug your thighs all the way down. A good option is a pair of Bermuda shorts, which have a little extra length to pull the focus away from your hips. It may be worth a couple of extra dollars to take the shorts to a tailor to make sure that the waist fits correctly. Also, stay away from the slash pockets and the flap pockets and stick to the simple horizontal pockets. Try these flat front shorts ($17) from Dickies.

floral shorts

Long Legs

If you have long legs, opt for shorts with a floral pattern or details like lace and drawstrings to soften the length of your legs. They will also bring out your feminine figure and make you look extra curvy. Pair the shorts with a plain tank tucked in to bring the focus to the shorts. These floral shorts from Zara ($40) are perfect for summer and will look great with both flats and heels.

Boyish Figure shorts

Boyish figure

If you have a boyish figure or athletic build, you will want to buy a pair of shorts that will accentuate your curves. A great thing to do is to pick a pair of shorts with a bright pattern and a high waist. While the bright pattern shorts may not be good for everyday wear, you could get a pair of denim high-waisted shorts for everyday. These shorts from Free People ($78) have a great pattern that’s fun for the summer!

Cuffed Denim Bermuda Shorts


If you are curvy, then flaunt those curves and stick to shorts in solid colors with a sturdy fabrics. These shorts will keep the focus on your fabulous curves! No flimsy fabrics, stick to denim shorts like these Cuffed Denim Bermuda Shorts from Kohls ($30).


If you have a little tummy and are looking for shorts to help keep that little pouch from hanging over the top of your shorts, look for ones that have a wider waistband. The thicker waistband will help to hold in some of your tummy. A small pleat will help to draw the eye away from your waist and linen will make your legs look slim and trim and draw attention away from your tummy as well. These cuffed linen shorts from KMart ($13) are a steal and also have a wide waistband.

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