6 Rockin’ rompers perfect for summer

The romper is a must-have this summer. Check out the coolest rompers of the season and decide which style is best for your body type.

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“As a designer, I love rompers because they highlight a tiny waist or cute backside while drawing attention away from areas that some ladies would rather keep more modest,” says Laura Mehlinger, designer and owner of Lola Haze™ Lingerie & Loungewear. “And they’re just so fun!”

Rompers can be worn alone or as a layering piece. Pair a romper with jeans and wedges, a flowy skirt and sandals or a blazer and heels.

The cover-up romper

Wear a romper as a cute beach or poolside cover-up. “Lounge away in your swimsuit and romper — and accessorize with some bright wedges and electric nail polish (and maybe a bronzed lifeguard or two),” says Mehlinger, who recommends Ephemera Romper ($119) from Lola Haze™.

Sweet Dreamer romper

The wear-it-any-way romper

If you like versatility, check out the Sweet Dreamer Sheer-Back Romper ($63) from Social Butterfly House. This romper comes in funky bright blue and boho-inspired taupe. Dress it up with a braided belt, bangles and heels or dress is down with a brown leather belt, gold headband, bronze jewelry and cowboy boots.

Motel Dakota Colared Playsuit

The vintage day-or-night romper

The Motel Dakota Collar Playsuit ($87) from Motel Rocks is like an extension of your favorite button-down shirt. Pair it with bright platform wedges by day and with a studded belt and tights by night!

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Billabong Hey Toots Romper

The adjustable-straps romper

“A one-piece romper will fit every woman differently,” says fashion blogger Dale Janee Steliga. Look for rompers with adjustable straps to account for the length of your torso. If you have a long torso, you don’t want the romper too hiked up. If you have a short torso, you don’t want the shorts to sag in the back. We love BillaBong Hey Toots Romper ($40) at PacSun.

Sophie Romper

The romper of the stars

Dress like a star! Soraya by Rozi, the exclusive LA-based brand merchandiser for MTV, Oxygen and Bravo, features the Sophie Jumper ($92). In this gorgeous get-up, you’ll look just like one of your favorite reality TV stars.

Floral romper

The romantic romper

Rompers can be sexy, flirty and sporty… but they can be romantic, too. Look for gauzy, breezy floral fabrics with frills, lace or ruffles, like the Flower Print Romper ($42) at Fanaberie.

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Expert Tip

“Rompers are comfortable but can look boxy or shapeless. Cinch the waist with a skinny belt or a fitted blazer.” ~Dale Janee Steliga, SavvySpice.com

The best romper for you

Liz Kelly Zook is a body typing consultant and says that following trends is great as long as you dress for your body type. Zook makes romper recommendations for every shape. Find yours!

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