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Camera tips and accessories

Getting ready for a vacation? If the camera is one of the first things you pack and you snap photos of everything you see, you might consider some of these options before your next trip.

Happy touris taking photos

Photographs document your travels and serve as reminders of the places you’ve been, making them an important part of vacations. On-the-go photography can be tricky, but with some helpful tips and accessories, you can get the most out of your travel shots.

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Gorilla podFlexible tripods

How many times do you find yourself wishing you were traveling with a third person so you had someone to take a photo of you and your loved one at a scenic overlook? It’s not always easy to find a stranger to take that shot but a gorillapod is a perfect solution. These flexible tripods wrap around objects so they can be used anywhere. Perch it on a branch, wrap it on a railing or use it as a standard tripod. Since they are lightweight and much smaller than full-size tripods, you can easily keep one in a backpack or large camera bag.

External flashes

An easy way to elevate the quality of your snapshots is with an external flash. Although these can be pricey, the differences between the camera’s built-in flash and an external flash are enormous, particularly with portraits. An external flash provides increased range, gives you control of light direction, eliminates red-eye and takes away the harshness caused by a built-in flash bouncing back to the lens.

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Antitheft straps

If you’ve ever had your camera stolen, you know it can happen anytime or anywhere, no matter how safe you feel. And since an entire memory card full of data is irreplaceable, it’s best to be prepared when using your camera anywhere that theft could occur. Antitheft straps are a great way to safeguard yourself and, since you’re probably using a strap anyway, there is minimal change. These straps are made of slash-proof material that cannot be cut and have security clips to keep your camera in place.

Memory cards

It’s a good idea to invest in a large memory card so you don’t have to worry about running out of space, but traveling with an extra is always a good idea no matter how large your card is. Set your photo size at a level that works for your purposes, but generally mid-range quality is more than adequate for regular-size prints. If you’re traveling with a laptop, uploading your photos periodically is a good way to ensure that you don’t lose any data and gives you a chance to review your photographs immediately.

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Know your camera

Before leaving, play with your camera settings to figure out what works best for different lighting, both indoors and outdoors. Bright sun can be just as difficult to photograph in as low lighting and knowing how to compensate for these situations can save a lot of frustration. Try changing the aperture and adjusting the shutter speed until you get a good shot so you have a baseline of what works well for each circumstance. You’ll be glad you did when you capture that perfect sunset.

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