Get bikini-ready: 5 Minute exercises

Preparing for a new season may seem pretty daunting, but it can be done with a commitment to regular workouts, plus the right types of exercises. Determine the best time to workout for your schedule and prepare to don that bikini!

woman on beach in bikini

Warm weather got you dreading shedding the layers? Want a fast way to get bikini-ready?

Start by trying these “kick butt” workouts that you can do in fewer than five minutes. They’re sure to prepare you for your most revealing days on the beach or by the pool. Just be sure and protect your body from pain and injuries by warming up safely.

Mountain climber

A. Start in a push-up position, hands flat on the floor and below your shoulders, legs extended behind you, on the balls of your feet.

B. Bend your left leg and bring it in toward your chest, then straighten it and return to your starting position with both legs extended. Repeat with your right leg. Alternating legs, slowly repeat these movements as many times as you can for 60 seconds, making sure to keep your hips and butt low.

Side hip drop

A. Lie on your left side and support your body on your right elbow, left arm raised. (Your elbow should be directly below your shoulder.) Extend your left (top) leg as you lift your hips and torso off the ground and bend your right leg behind you, keeping it on the ground as support.

B. Lower your hips a few inches, then lift back up. Slowly do as many small dips as you can for 30 seconds, then switch to your opposite side.

Leg lift

A. Lie on your back and sit up on your elbows. Place your hands under your hips to support your lower back. Lift your legs off the floor as you bend your right knee and straighten the left. Your body should form a wide “V.”

B. Keeping your right knee bent, lower both of your legs a few inches and then lift both back up. (The farther down you go, the more challenging it will be). Slowly do as many as you can for 30 seconds, then bend your left knee, straighten your right leg and repeat.

Side squat reach

A. Step out into a wide squat with your feet turned out and your knees bent. (Make sure that your knees don’t go over your toes). Keep your upper body straight as you raise your right arm and reach over your left side.

B. Bring your arm back down as you reach over to your right with your left arm. Repeat this side-to-side motion for 60 seconds.

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