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Summer Netflix guide: Oldies but goodies

Escape the long hot days of summer and grab the remote. Here are our favorite classic summer movies you can kick back and enjoy from the comfort of your own couch!

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Blue Crush

This action-packed summer romance first released in 2002 will get your get your adrenaline pumping and your heart fluttering. Blue Crush stars Kate Bosworth as Anne Marie a surfer set on competing in a high profile surf competition at Hawaii’s North Shore. She hopes to impress sponsors and forge a better life for herself, her younger sister and close friends. But first she has to overcome her fears from a previous surfing accident and the intimidation of local surfers. While training for the event, Anne Marie finds love and regains the confidence she wasn’t sure she still had.

Dirty Dancing

It’s hard to believe this classic summer romp is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! Escape to a summer resort in the Catskill Mountains with this romance starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. Set in the summer of 1963, Dirty Dancing tells the story of Baby, a teenage girl on vacation with her family, who falls in love with her dance instructor, Johnny. Hot dancing, sexy music and family drama made this an unexpected blockbuster hit in 1987. After watching this film, you’ll never be able to listen to the song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” without picturing Baby and Johnny gyrating to the music.


What says summer better than sun, sand and a beach full of screaming people running from a man-eating shark? Steven Spielberg made his mark with the summer classic, Jaws. Heading into the ocean for a swim has never been the same since this film first debuted in 1975. Pop up plenty of popcorn for the family and treat yourself to this classic summer thriller.

Summer School

Think summer school sounds like a complete bore? Not so in the 1987 film Summer School, directed by Carl Reiner. Mark Harmon plays Mr. Freddy Shoop, a high school gym teacher who finds out at the last minute that he has to teach summer school. Giving up a trip to Hawaii with his young girlfriend, Mr. Shoop is stuck with a challenging group of students who need to pass a summer school remedial English course. Against all odds, Shoop learns how to inspire his misfit bunch of high school kids and falls in love with the teacher in the next classroom, Robin Bishop, played by Kirstie Allie.

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