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How to creatively display desserts

Sugar and spice and everything nice — that’s what sweets are made of! You’ve taken the time to bake, ice and decorate your treats. Don’t sell them short at the table! Display desserts with style by following five simple steps.

dsert party table set up

Step 1: Add a backdrop

Set the stage for your dessert table with an elegant backdrop. Use fabric, wrapping paper, balloons, streamers, lights and other items to create an attractive display. Mimic colors from your backdrop throughout your display with dishes, linens and food items themselves, or use contrasting colors for an added pop.

Before arranging your dessert items, be sure your serving platters are sparkling clean. No cupcake stands a chance against a dirty dish, no matter how tempting it looks. Avoid this by using Finish Additives with your dishwashing cycle for a spot-free clean.

Step 2: Group like items

To create a tailored look, group like items in symmetrical arrangements throughout your display. Arrange your dessert pieces in grids for a look that feels catered, or arrange them loosely on serving platters for an eclectic feel. Consider the color, shape, texture and height of the dessert items you wish to serve and coordinate those items to enhance your presentation.

Step 3: Wrap it up

For items that would otherwise detract from your display, use decorative paper to wrap individual servings. To tie things off, use decorative ribbon, string or twine. Since wrapped items are not visible, be sure to clearly label your serving platters so guests can easily choose from your menu. You can also use individually wrapped dessert items as party favors to send home with your guests at the end of the day.

Step 4: Think beyond the table

Dining tables and buffets may commonly hold food items, but don’t be afraid to repurpose other furniture pieces throughout your home. Grab the dresser from the bedroom, a bookshelf from the den or a side table from the living room to give a new spin to your display. You may also use serving carts that can easily be rolled from one room to another, which come in handy for indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Step 5: Add labels

The finishing touch to a creative dessert display is adding decorative labels. Your guests will be curious to know what’s on the menu. Make it easy for them to choose, all while adding an attractive touch to your table scape. Chalkboard labels are a great label choice, especially if menu items will be exchanged throughout the event.

Step 6: Have back-ups

Keep your dessert display looking fresh by changing out serving dishes as items run low. Have back-up dishes already prepared before you begin serving guests to keep a steady supply of sweets on the table. As the event winds down, fill paper bags with any leftover goodies and offer them to your guests as a party favor.

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