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How to prepare guest room and bathroom for guests

When you have guests coming to stay with you, it’s nice to go the extra mile to make their personal quarters especially inviting and restful.

Guest bedroom with towel on bed

These tips will make your guest bedroom and bathroom a lovely and lush place to unwind in the evenings and begin the day during their stay.

The bedroom

Step 1: Start with the bed

Are you bringing a comforter, duvet or bedspread out of storage for your guests? If so, arrange to have it cleaned or laundered. A freshly laundered set of sheets on the bed will help it feel crisp and clean for your guests. (Use fragrance-free laundry detergent in case they may have allergies.) It’s nice to provide a few extra pillows on the bed as well. Keep extra blankets nearby and show guests where they can find them if needed.

Step 2: Bedside table

On the table beside the bed, place the remote for the television; I also like to provide several magazines I know my guests will like. I also put out bottled water or a pitcher that can be filled up in the evening before they retire, and a nice crystal glass. A pretty bouquet of fresh flowers in a small vase on the nightstand is a charming touch.

DusterStep 3: Deep-clean

Vacuum the floor or carpet and mop if you have hardwood floors. Dust thoroughly and open a window if possible to let fresh air circulate. Make sure there is room in the closet and open drawer space for your guests. You may need to bring a chair or chaise lounge into the room so your guest has a place other than the bed to read, put their shoes on, etc.

Step 4: Finishing touches

Make your guests feel special by leaving a sweet treat on their pillow. A chocolate bar or a small package of fine cookies is a fun and welcome treat they can enjoy before bed or on their trip back home. I like to provide a room spray for my visiting guests or even a small bottle of a perfume or home fragrance I know they are fond of. You can leave this on the bedside table or in the bathroom. Let your guests know where the thermostat is — if you have a remote for it, leave it on the bedside table. It’s also great to have a few houseplants in the guest room, as they naturally filter pollutants from the air.

The bathroom

cleaning suppliesStep 1: Clean and disinfect

The tub, shower, sink and toilet should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with natural cleaners, again in case your guests have allergies to strong chemicals. The floor should be vacuumed and mopped, and fresh towels put out. Inspect the shower curtain; could it use an update, along with some cool new hooks?

Step 2: Personal care items

I place a basket (wire, wicker, whatever) with a blow dryer, shampoo and conditioner, a shower cap and some shower gel, lotion, a nail file and a good hand cream in the bathroom just in case my guest forgot anything at home. You can also fill the medicine cabinet with any other items they might need, such as Band-Aids and Neosporin or a small bottle of tea tree oil. A toothbrush, toothpaste and floss are also good to offer. Be sure you have additional toilet paper rolls in sight, or show guests where they are. For more suggestions on what to put in a guest room basket, check out this see list for your guests.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Orchids or African violets are welcome in the bathroom for color and cleaner air, plus they love the steam from the shower.


When an overnight guest stays with you, you want to them to feel welcome and at home in their surroundings. Little touches go a long way to say “I’m so glad you are visiting” and “I hope you will come back soon.” Take the time to make your home inviting and comfortable for you guests with these easy tips you can incorporate anytime!

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