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Dry your hair faster while traveling

When I’m traveling, whether for work or play, dealing with blow-drying my hair is not something I want to spend a lot of time on. I’m sharing some easy beauty tips and tricks to speed up the process of drying your hair while on the road (or at home).

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Short, medium or long, these products will have you out the door and into the mix in no time flat. You’ll have more time for fun when your hair is quickly done.

It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo and ConditionerShampoo and conditioner

It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner (available in fine and medium/coarse formulas) claims to cut drying time by 50 percent and was invented by a man who was tired of waiting on his wife while she was blowing her hair dry! Seen in People StyleWatch and InStyle Hair magazines, this cleansing and conditioning duo will be welcome in your travel bag.

hair towelA microfiber hair towel

You can encourage the fast drying process by using a hair towel made with ultra-absorbent microfibers to gently blot excess water from your hair after shampooing. There are a variety of styles and price ranges for these towels and they are a great investment. A hair towel is easy to care for with simple machine-washing, too.

The Quik Style Comb from GoodyCombs and brushes

The Quik Style Comb from Goody has a genius water-wicking blade and two rows of offset teeth to detangle your locks while removing an average of 20 percent of water all at once! Their new Quik Style Paddle Brush boasts microfiber bristles that absorb 30 percent of water for faster styling and offers an ergonomic handle for an easy grip. These two are a match made in hair heaven.

Rusk hairdryerSpecial blow dryer

Several companies, including Rusk (left) and Goody, offer blow dryers that claim to speed drying time using technology such as far-infrared heat and tourmaline ion-rich airflow. Many are also lightweight and easy to handle, which means a lot if you have thick and/or long hair.

Dry shampooDry shampoo

On some of your travel days, why not take a break from shampooing and blow-drying, and simply use dry shampoo? It is a fast and easy way to refresh your hair minus the hassles of lather, rinse and slave away with the blow dryer. Dry shampoo comes in powder and spray formulas at varying price points. If you have dark or red hair there are formulas just for you. Here’s a beauty tip: The way to get the most from your dry shampoo is to apply it at night before you go to bed. Try parting your hair from forehead to the nape of the neck in three or four sections and apply dry shampoo lightly to each section. Use your fingers to gently massage the shampoo into your roots. Don’t brush or comb your hair, just go to bed. In the morning, turn your head over and thoroughly brush through your tresses. You can add a bit more dry shampoo at the crown and around the temple area if you’d like, for extra body. Now you are all set to do a high ponytail or a sleek bob — whatever strikes your fancy. And you have plenty of time for leisurely coffee and breakfast, as you’ve not spent time blow-drying your ‘do — oh joy!

Now that you’re armed with these tricks to get your hair dry in a snap, you’ll be ready for more time spent having fun on your next out-of-town trip. Who says glamorous locks have to take a lot of time? Smart chicks know the fast ways to great hair!

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