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5 Prom style mistakes to avoid

You put so much work into looking perfect on prom night – the right dress, the perfect shoes – that you also need to take care to avoid a style don’t. The last thing you want is to end up feeling less-than-fabulous after working so hard to ensure everything is on point. To help you look and feel your best (and avoid a fashion or beauty blunder), we put together five style mistakes to avoid on prom night.

Girl at prom wearing too much makeup

Wearing too much makeup

It’s prom, and we know you want to go all out and look your absolute best, but sometimes getting too heavy handed with makeup can do more harm than good. The key is to look naturally gorgeous and like an improved version of yourself – not like a totally different person. Plus, mask-like foundation will look unnatural both in person and in photos. Restrain yourself and simply opt for a look that has some glamour (it’s a big night, after all) but that doesn’t feel or look heavy.


Accessories are fun – we love them, too. But when it comes to prom, the key is to be strategic about what kind and how many you incorporate into your ensemble. Great shoes and a cute clutch are mandatory, but after that, choose one or two standout pieces that will complement your dress, not overtake it. If you’re opting for chandelier earrings, don’t wear a statement necklace. If you have a really great cuff you want to show off, don’t combine it with a statement cocktail ring. Let the pieces you love really shine by giving them space. Otherwise your overall look can appear messy, not chic or elegant.

Donning a dress that doesn’t fit

Whether it’s the wrong style for your body type, too short, too long, too loose or too tight, an ill-fitting dress (even if it is your dream dress and cost a fortune) is a serious style don’t. Since the dress is the star of the show, make sure it fits. Get it taken in, shortened, whatever you need to do to ensure a perfect fit. Even a fabulous designer gown can look cheap if it doesn’t fit the person wearing it.

Going too far outside your comfort zone

If you never wear short, tight dresses and then choose one for prom, you’ll likely be uncomfortable the whole night. The same goes for long, formal gowns. If short and sweet is more your thing, then you’ll feel strange in that floor-length, strapless number. While it is important to choose something with some personality for prom (no one wants a boring dress), it’s also important to go with something that suits your comfort zone. The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious about your style choice.

HairsprayHelmet hair

Yes, you want your updo or perfect ringlets to stay in place all night, but avoid putting too much product in your hair on prom night. An extra several coats of hairspray or gel might keep hair looking perfect, from a distance, but as soon as anyone gets up close (or your date tries to touch your hair), it will become very evident that your locks are laden with too much of a good thing.

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The cost of going to prom can really add up… tickets, limo ride, flowers, and of course, the dress. Donate your gently worn formal dresses so that everyone can have an awesome prom. Hayden Panettiere is donating hers!

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