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A Simple Step-by-Step DIY Guide to Spray-Painting Mason Jars

To paint with a brush:

Step 1: Place jar/bottle lip-side down


This is the same step as in the spray painting project.


This will be a bit harder with a wine bottle, so be sure to find a very flat, even surface so it doesn’t topple over while you paint.

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Step 2: Paint top to bottom all the way around

Holding the base of the bottle still, gently paint the bottle, top (base) to bottom (lip) in very even brushstrokes. This is best done by painting downward with just one brushstroke.


You’ll want to leave the base dry so you can hold it while you paint. If you’d prefer, paint it once the paint has dried on the rest of the bottle.

Step 3: Touch up & let dry

Touch up any bare spots and let dry on a hard, even surface for at least two hours.

This paint dries much faster, so you’ll be able to move the bottle and use it quicker than if you use spray paint.

Step 4: Fill with flowers, twigs, etc., and display

Once jars and bottles have completely dried, display with flowers, utensils or whatever you’d like, and enjoy.


A beautiful way to add some summer color to your home, party or wedding!

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