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5 Things to stick in your hair this summer

Every girls wants amazing summer hair. By summer hair, we mean the carefree hair-flowing-behind-me-as-I-ride-a-horse-through-a-field-full-of-daisies look.

Woman with summer braid

There are several easy ways to define summer hair. Here are a few quick and easy things to stick in your summer “mane.”


Spend three seconds on Pinterest and you’ll see that braids are back. Nothing says summer woodland nymph or low-maintenance hippie girl like braids. A single, long sideways braid says, “I was just sitting in the grass mindlessly weaving my hair.” Several small braids pulled back into a ponytail or sloppy bun say, “I’m boho-chic. I’m probably not going to wash my hair for several days and there’s nothing you can do it about it.” French braids and waterfall braids say, “I’m casual but talented.” There are countless ways to braid hair and each one of them is summer-ific.


The excellent thing about bows is the mixed message they send depending on what else you are wearing. There is something very quick, easy and 7-year-old cute about bows, but they can have an edge if you wear them with Goth makeup or combat boots. Hair bows are the perfect accessory to wear to a summer barbecue, evening concert in the park or shopping trip to the mall.

Your boyfriend’s fingers

We thought we’d throw that in there to see if you were paying attention! Still, summer is all about sitting on a riverbank or lying under the stars with your main squeeze. Few things look or feel better in your summer hair than his fingers!

Big freakin’ flowers

Say it with us, girls. Nothing is more feminine or summery than sticking a big, gorgeous flower behind your ear, as an accent to bouncy waves, in a headband or on the side of a bun, ponytail or braid. Placement is crucial. There is a fine line between breathtaking and looking as if you have sprouted a large, colorful growth from your head. Flowers need to be placed in the direction that your hair or hairstyle is flowing. An opposing placement will look awkward and goofy, and cause people behind you to elbow each other and snicker. Proceed with caution! But when executed correctly, the power of the hair flower is undeniable.

A vintage scarf

Again, this can be fabulous or freakish, depending on the scarf and how it is used. We’re less about the headscarf (which will tend to make you look like your grandma when she went to the grocery store with a head full of pink curlers) and more about the long, flowing scarf. Take a long scarf around your neck and tie a knot in it a little below the base of your neck. Turn the knot around so it is at the base of your scalp and slip the scarf into your hair like a headband. (Scarves loosen as the day wears on, so redo the knot until your “headband” is snug.) The ends of the scarf should be flowing down your back. Now, step outside because you’re just a slow breeze away from ultimate summer hair.

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