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Best dry food ingredients for your cat

The pet food aisle can be an overwhelming experience for any pet owner. From confusing labels to long, indecipherable ingredient lists, searching for the perfect dry cat food can be rather daunting. Simplify your cat food shopping trip by opting for these best dry food ingredients for your cat.

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Key ingredients


Animal-based protein is an important part of a feline diet. A diet rich in poultry, fish or meat protein is ideal.


For cats, taurine is an essential amino acid. Without it, cats can develop retinal degeneration, which can lead to blindness. In addition, the heart can become less effective, resulting in a form of heart failure.


Just like humans, cats need vitamins too. Most cat foods already include the necessary vitamins for your kitty.


Look for cat food with calcium to promote bone health, help nursing cats stay strong and even prevent seizures and tremors.

Folic acid

Is your cat low on energy? Opt for a cat food with folic acid, an ingredient needed for pet energy production.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

These fatty acids are known for protecting a cat’s immune system, joints, eyes and brain. They also help prevent shedding, and keep your cat’s coat shiny. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can also help fight high cholesterol and boost heart health.

Feeding tips and tricks

  • Don’t forget to provide your cat with a fresh bowl of water.
  • When making changes to your cat’s diet, do it gradually. To help your cat get accustomed to the new food, start by substituting tiny amounts of the new food for the old food. Continue this process over at least a week.
  • When planning your cat’s meals, keep these factors in mind: your cat’s age, specific nutritional needs and medical conditions. Your cat’s life stage is also key, as kittens require more fat, while seniors require more fiber.
  • Also, think about your cat’s taste preferences. Don’t be afraid to mix it up — just like you, cats can tire of the same meal over time.

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