Fashionable gym styles we love

Just because you’re heading to the gym to sweat for the next hour doesn’t mean you can’t do it and look cute at the same time! To help inspire your spring/summer fitness routine, take a look at some of these cute gym fashion finds we’re currently crushing on.

Zobha Compression Capri

Zobha Compression Capri

Most of us don’t have the perfect body of a supermodel and a lot of women like to suck things in a bit while they’re working out. Lucky for you, there are plenty of workout pants that do just that and help you look your best while you’re on the route to fitness. We’re particularly obsessed with this pair from Zobha ($80). The capri pants help suck in your stomach and thighs and keep things nice and tight.

Kohl's Cares FILA SPORT Collection

Kohl’s Cares FILA SPORT Collection

We love it when fashion gives back to charity and we also dig a pretty sweet deal. That’s why we’re crushing on this fun workout gear collection from Kohl’s Cares. Look fashionable and give back to the breast cancer cause at the same time! Our favorite pieces? This chic pink heart T-shirt ($10) and this adorable hat ($5)!

Ecco Biom Trainer sneakers

Ecco Biom Trainer sneakers

What workout article would be complete without a snazzy and comfy pair of sneakers? The best workout shoes help you run like the wind without weighing you down, and that’s why we have fallen in love with this pair from The Walking Company ($150). Not only do they make our feet feel as light as air (they’re actually designed to make your feet work as they would when you’re barefoot!), but they also have a pretty cool design!

Old Navy Bowler Gym Bag

Old Navy Bowler Gym Bag

Every gym rat knows you need to have a cute bag to stash all your gear in, and we’re currently crushing on this raspberry and gray one from Old Navy ($18). Its shape is stylish and flexible and the material is totally sweat-friendly.

Victoria’s Secret Sport Headbands

If you’re sweating it out, you don’t want to ruin your chic hairdo, ladies! Pull things back with a fashionable and functional headband, like these colorful ones from Victoria’s Secret ($13)! We’re pretty partial to the polka dot ones, but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

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Victoria's Secret Sport Headbands


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