How to deal with home pests

Your home is your castle and you want to keep it that way, right? While you might be known to your friends as the hostess with the mostest, you don’t want to be hospitable when it comes to home pests.

Ants on floor

This how-to article offers ways to deal with unwanted visitors in your home, hopefully before they take up permanent residence.

Step 1: Home remedies

Years ago, before professional companies had a fleet of pest-killing experts available, people used whatever they could get their hands on to kill home pests before they got the best of their food or home furnishings. I’ve read that peppermint, bay leaves and hot pepper are great defenders against rodents. Powdered sugar and baking soda will put the kibosh on yucky roaches. Cinnamon, vinegar and black pepper do the trick when it comes to alleviating pesky ants. These non-toxic suggestions are perfect if you have pets or children, too. Use your Internet research skills to find out more about these home remedies for household pests that have been used for years. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if you can solve your pest problem with something you already have in your own kitchen?

Step 2: Sprays, traps, powders and such

If you have the time, money and inclination, you can attempt to control and conquer your pest problem with products such as sprays, traps and powders. Some traps, however, require that you see the pest with your own eyes and dispose of it. Sprays and powders can be effective but can subject your family members and pets to chemicals. There are companies that offer natural and organic pest control products, so they are safer to use near your loved ones, be they human or animal. It is also important to realize you may need to treat the outside of your home with one of these methods to fully eliminate your inside pest problem. A knowledgeable big-box home-store employee can give you good advice about steps to take inside and out to deal with your particular issue.

Step 3: Do you need professional help?

If you are seeing a constant stream of a certain pest in your home at all hours of the day and night (or even merely evidence of its frequent visits), and certainly if you have already tried to quell the problem on your own to no avail, it is high time you call a professional to handle the problem. If you are facing termites, bed bugs or anything of that magnitude, you will likely want professional advice about how to tackle the issue. In many cases they can make short work of getting your home back to a pest-free state, and even it if will take a few follow-up trips, at least you have a professional game plan in place and can know that you will soon be sharing your abode with only people and pets you have invited there! Ask friends or family, or check the Internet for home maintenance sites to find recommendations for reliable pest control companies.

When you are sharing your home with pests, life can look much less rosy. By following the suggestions here, whether you try the home remedies or opt for calling a home pest professional, you can soon be on your way back to pest-free living. And isn’t that the life we all long for?

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