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5 Sunscreens with the best scents

Know you need sunscreen, but hate the heavy lingering scent? Consider these performance sunscreens you can wear daily with a barely-there aroma!

woman putting on sunscreen at the beach

We all understand the importance of wearing sunscreen daily for a broad spectrum of protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays that damage the skin and speed up the appearance of aging. The complaint about many sunscreens is the heavy fragrance associated with them. Scent is important when your sunscreen is a regular part — as it should be — of your daily skincare regimen. The best choices are sunscreens with good SPF ratings and a light scent!

Kinesys Performance Sunscreen

This sunscreen is easy to apply before and during any activity and dries quickly without leaving oily residue on the skin to make you uncomfortable. It can withstand vigorous activity while still allowing your pores to breathe normally and it has a refreshing scent thanks to ingredients including rosemary extract and essence of peppermint. It’s deliciously minty fresh!

Alba sunscreen

The list of ingredients for this barely-scented sunscreen include lavender, chamomile and calendula, which give it a light and refreshing floral scent that’s pretty without being overpowering. Their Green Tea SPF 30 is part of the Hawaiian line and formulated with tropical botanicals, green tea antioxidants and aloe vera. It’s light enough to wear daily and will soak into your skin, leaving it sweet-smelling and soft.

Rodan and Fields UVA/UVB SPF 15 Sunscreen

As part of their Reverse anti-aging line, dermatologists Rodan and Fields, the minds behind the Proactive line of skin care products, have come up with a light sunscreen to help prevent skin discoloration in older skin resulting from overexposure to sun. It’s easily wearable under makeup and has a mild, lemony fragrance that doesn’t linger. They also have an SPF 30 body sunscreen with a whisper of scent and additional protection for sensitive skin.

Coppertone Sport Sunblock SPF 30

Coppertone sun tanning and sun protection products are very well known and their Sport Sunblock Lotion gives SPF 30 protection is a no-frills formula that’s inexpensive and easy to apply. The formula is called Ultra Dry, but it’s a bit runny — it spreads easily if you use care when applying. No fancy smells or perfumes, so it won’t clash with another fragrance you might choose to wear.

Hawaiian Tropic 45Plus Sunblock SPF 45

It smells like summer with a light coconut scent and is a good choice for drier skin since the formula has more moisturizing ingredients, but it could feel a bit greasy on oily skin types. The SPF 45 gives long-lasting waterproof protection.

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