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4 Ways to sunless tan

Beautiful, bronze skin the smart and safe way: Get a gorgeous sunless tan!

woman who has used sunless tanners

The tan temptation! We all crave beautifully bronzed skin as the weather gets warmer and clothing options get lighter and flirtier! The many dangers of UV exposure are well known and the risks — skin cancer, accelerated aging and drying damage to skin — are a high price to pay for the perfect summer tan. Luckily, sunless tanning has become easier with a wider range of products and services so we have more smart options. Here are some ways to get a golden glow this year without the danger posed by baking in the sun.

Spray tan

Spray tans are applied in a tanning booth where the tanning solution is released in a mist that settles on the skin. A spray-on tan initially will last about four to five days and fade gradually as the skin exfoliates. You can prolong the golden glow by exfoliating prior to the misting and keeping your skin moisturized. Repeated treatments deepen the tan and over time will help it last longer. A bit expensive, spray tanning is a great way to get an even, flawless tan while protecting the health of your skin.

Body lotions

Use of special moisturizing body lotions are practically mistake-proof if you want a gradual glow… these lotions contain a very mild self-tanning product that develops the tan slowly with repeated use. Daily application builds the tan progressively so there are no worries about the dreaded “too orange” outcome some sunless tanners can give you. Try Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in three colors for a good match to your natural skin tone or Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Body Glow. You’ll be soft, smooth and moisturized with a light summer glow!

Self-tanning lotions

A good quality sunless tanner won’t turn orange or splotchy on your skin. Sun Giese’e Instant Self Tanning Lotion is an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting darker tan. This product delivers a golden bronze tan in minutes and is available in four levels on the tanning scale from light to very dark. You’ll see color as soon as you apply and watch it intensify over the next three hours. The results are natural-looking and long-lasting. The medium shade used weekly is right for most and keeps you beautifully bronzed all summer. Like other self-tanning products, this one works best on clean, exfoliated skin and should be applied carefully following directions to avoid discolored palms.

Self-tanning body mousse

For novice self-tanners, a mousse formula is easier to control and helps you see exactly where and how you are applying it. One of the best options is St. Tropez Whipped Bronze Mousse. This get-you-glowing self-tanner comes in a pump bottle that distributes a light and foamy dark mousse. The color of the mousse guides you in application so there’s less chance of streaks and missed patches. You see color instantly and over three hours it develops into a full tan in a nice golden-brown shade that looks very natural. It dries in just one minute and there’s no scent! The tan effect lasts about four days so you’ll need to use it twice weekly to keep up the beautiful color.

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