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Tips for documenting your summer vacation

Whether you are taking your kids to Florida or traveling Europe with your BFF, documenting your summer vacation is a must. Chronicle your travels to share your experiences with family and friends, as well as to create memories for yourself to look back on for years to come.

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Take plenty of photos

Wherever you are traveling this summer, you should always have your camera with you everywhere you go. Photos are a beautiful way to document the cultures, foods, people and places you visit. Fortunately, today’s cameras are compact and easy to use — and most smartphones have the ability to take both photographs and videos. When you are packing for your trips, don’t forget extra batteries, memory cards and your chargers.

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Collect mementos

It isn’t enough to take pictures and write notes about your summer vacation. You should also collect tangible items — memorabilia and souvenirs — along the way. Keep brochures, flyers, programs and ticket stubs from every attraction, event, hotel and restaurant that you visit on your trip.

Keep a handwritten journal

Bring along a blank journal or spiral notebook to document all the details of your trip. While traveling, there may be times when you don’t have the time or connectivity to get on the computer. Therefore, a handwritten journal is a must. Later, when you have time (or after your trip is over) you can transfer your handwritten notes to an online travel blog if you’d like.

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Get quotes from your traveling companions

Whether you are traveling with your best friend, boyfriend or your entire family, it’s a terrific idea to document their thoughts about your summer vacation as well. You can record them on video or write down quotes in your journal. Act like you are interviewing your travel companions. Ask questions about what is making the trip so special. You can also interview local people to provide even more insight about the city or area.

Write a travel blog

You can create a free travel blog online using common blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Additionally, you have some options that were created specifically for travel blogs — such as Everlater. With Everlater, you can chronicle your journeys and share your trips with family and friends. Travelers can upload stories, photos and more directly to or the website can pull items in from external sites such as Flickr. There is a convenient iPhone app that enables offline journaling of your travel experiences, which can be synched and shared later. With this program, each user (and each trip) has a unique URL, so you can easily share your travel memories on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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