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Create a summer vacation travel blog

Back in the day, people showed off their summer vacation photos to family and friends via slide projector weeks or even months after the trip was over. Now, with today’s technology, you can create a summer vacation travel blog and share your experiences with everyone while you are still on your trip.

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Select a blogging platform

To create a travel blog to chronicle your summer vacation, you first need to choose a platform. If you maintain your own website or write for other blogs, you may already be familiar with various blogging platforms. However, you don’t need your own domain name — or even be tech savvy — to start a blog. With WordPress or Blogger, you can create a summer vacation travel blog for free. Both platforms feature numerous customizable templates and layouts to choose from.

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Stick to the basics

If you are new to blogging, don’t spend hours choosing a template or pick a layout that is very elaborate. For a travel blog, it’s your writing and photographs that are going to stand out — not the color combinations or how many sidebars you have. Look for a clean, basic design so that your readers can focus on your travel experience rather than the site itself.

Supplement with photos

Speaking of photos, pictures are probably the key component to a good travel blog. People don’t just want to read about where you have been — they want to see it! Supplement your blog posts with plenty of pictures. Though it might be tempting to upload and publish every single photo that you take directly to your blog, you shouldn’t do that. Instead, publish a few photos with each of your entries, then link off to a gallery of pictures that you have uploaded elsewhere. You can create galleries on your Facebook page or use a website like Flickr where you can create online photo albums for free.

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Keep a handwritten journal

While traveling, you aren’t going to have your laptop with you every step of your trip. However, you shouldn’t wait until you are home to write your travel blog — you’ll forget some of the best details — so, instead, keep a handwritten journal along the way. You can use a good old fashioned spiral-bound notebook or other blank journal. Then, when you get to a spot where you have the time and the connectivity, you can transfer your handwritten thoughts to your online summer vacation travel blog.

Add some video

Most smartphones have video capabilities these days, so it’s easy to shoot video on the go. Add video to your travel blog by uploading your videos to YouTube and then embedding the YouTube videos into your blog posts. YouTube is completely free and it’s easy to use.

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quick tip

Enhance your travel video by interviewing people you meet along the way. Interview both locals and other visitors to learn more about what they like about the city or region.

Get creative

Whether it’s just your friends and family who are reading your summer vacation travel blog or you have thousands of followers, don’t just convey the basics about your destination that they could find in any travel guide. Provide detailed insight that your readers can’t find anywhere else about the attractions, culture and people that you meet and experience on your summer vacation. Creating a travel blog isn’t just a good way to share your experiences with others; it’s also a fabulous way to be able to look back on your travels yourself for years to come.

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