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5 Camera features that improve your digital photos

Life’s little moments fly by in a snap. If you don’t capture those moments as they occur, odds are you’re going to wish you had a snapshot of them in the future. Luckily, digital cameras are becoming a more economical and accessible option every day. Plus, you get to experiment with what works for a photo and what does not. Here are five camera features that will turn your mundane photos into dynamic, sharp images worthy of a frame.

woman with digital camera on vacation

Increase shutter speed

Action photos can be tricky, mostly thanks to blur. If you have kids, you know exactly what we mean. Little ones run around the house doing the cutest things, but it’s nearly impossible to capture them quick enough. Increasing the shutter speed on your digital camera literally increases the speed at which the shutter snaps. The faster it snaps, the faster the image is captured. The faster the image is captured, the less likely you’ll get a blur of children running about the house and the more likely you’ll get that perfect photo of them hugging the cat.

Turn up the resolution

In the world of photos, high resolution means high quality. Pixels, of course, are the tiny dots that comprise a photo and turn it into a sharp, stunning image. The higher the resolution, the more pixels there are in a photo, meaning the quality is increased. Turn your resolution to full blast for extremely detailed photos.

Red eye correction and reduction

Red eyes can be edited out in Photoshop if need be, but it’s best to prevent them in the first place. Red eyes occur when a flash is used in dim light. The red eye correction feature that comes with most digital cameras is simple, yet ingenious. Using this mode, the camera flashes once so the subject’s eyes have time to adjust to the light. Then, it flashes another time to take the actual photo.

Intelligent auto mode

If you’d rather not fuss with your camera’s settings, some cameras come with what they call “intelligent auto mode.” This feature allows you to point and click during an action shot, dimly lit scenario or hyper exposed light and instantly detects what kind of photo it’s shooting. It’s not always perfect, but if you consider yourself technology illiterate, it could be a great option for you.


Give your audience a full scope of what you saw when you took the photo with a panorama. Often, traditional photo sizes only capture a fraction of the overall scene. Using panorama mode, photographers can spin in a circle. The camera will capture several photos and blend them together for one beautiful, panoramic photo.

Watch: A tutorial on how to shoot panoramic photographs.

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