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5 Must-have compact electronics for travel

When people say they love “travel,” they really mean that they love going places. The process of getting there? Not so much. Spending countless hours on a plane or train can be tedious, but it helps to have a series of electronics to entertain you along the way. Here are the five compact entertainment devices that will get you through the long journey.

woman relaxing on beach with an ereaderA smartphone

This might seem like a no brainer. After all, you’re traveling. Why would you leave your phone at home? Well, if you have a smartphone and you’re not utilizing it for all it’s worth, it’s time to start. Most iPhones, Androids and some Blackberries are capable of playing video, music and more. Plus, if you have internet access on the plane, you can plug into the plane’s WiFi without disrupting the cockpit’s radio signals. That opens you up to a realm of possibilities, from answering emails to reading the news.

MP3 player

You get to keep music in your pocket! What’s better than that? Before your trip, load your MP3 player up with your favorite albums and lean back for an easy ride. Music makes those boring travel moments go faster. Plus, you can make a playlist that suits your destination.


Gone are the days of the portable DVD player. With a netbook, you can play all of your DVDs and cruise the internet. Plus, you can answer emails and get access to Facebook in a snap. It’s basically a mini laptop. Perhaps it’s not suitable as an everyday computer thanks to its small stature, but, for travel, you can’t beat its compact size.


Whether you’re playing a game on your smartphone or watching a film on your netbook, you’re going to need a solid pair of headphones. Preferably, you’ll find some noise-canceling headphones, which will broadcast the opposite frequency of plane noise, babies and loud passengers so you can enjoy your music, movies and games in comfort.


Love to read but hate carting around a stack of books when you travel? Tired of staring at a back-lit computer screen? With e-ink e-readers, you’ll never know the difference. Used in Kindles and other portable reading devices, these types of screens are easy on the eyes, virtually indistinguishable from ink and paper. The only difference is, when you “flip” the page, you load a different screen. Plus, e-readers are more affordable and accessible than ever.

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