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Decorating ideas for a Mother’s Day brunch

If you’re planning a Mother’s Day brunch, focus your theme around your mom and decorating will be easy! Whether you serve wine, lemonade or tea, there are many ways to make your Mother’s Day brunch pretty as a picture.

What’s your mom’s style? Is she fun-loving and into the retro scene? Does she prefer the classic elegance of formal entertaining? Maybe your mom is more the Mother Earth type. Whatever your mom’s style, there are loads of ideas to make decorating for a Mother’s Day brunch perfect for her. Here are a few ideas to help.


  • Place small, colorful wooden or embellished picture frames around the table with a different photo of your mom in each to make it fun and personal.
  • Use clear glass containers filled with colorful old-school candy to decorate tables (and for your guests to snack on).
  • Fill clear Mason jars of different sizes with small candles, flowers or fruit, and place them around the table for a casual party. Use antique silver or china gravy boats and soup tureens filled with pretty fabric and flowers for more formal parties.

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  • Find several wine glasses (they can be different styles for a casual feel or all the same for a fancier look), and place them upside down around the table. Tuck a large floral bloom under each glass.
  • For modern elegance, use tall, clear glass containers of different heights to hold pretty branches for a minimalist look. Fill the containers halfway with lemons, river rock, colored fabric or glass stones if you’d like.
  • Gather up china teacups and plates of various styles and fill them with flowers, snacks or votives (check thrift stores, as they might have single cups and plates rather than whole sets). Make a centerpiece using a cake stand that fits your theme. Decorate appropriately with small glass votive holders (consider using the battery-operated votives), cupcakes and flowers.

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  • Whether you’re using fine china, reusable plastic or paper plates, select a color — it could come from the china pattern or a shade of the plastic ware — and use it throughout your decor. There are many pretty and colorful paper options available, too.
  • Celebrating Mom is a good reason to break out the fine china and crystal — perfect for an elegant setting.
  • Use Fiestaware dishes for their retro feel and vibrant colors. Check with your friends to see if they have colors different from yours and mix and match for the day.
  • Serve lemonade and iced tea using Mason jars as glasses. Add snacks to Mason jars paired with serving spoons for guests to enjoy.

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Table runners and napkins

  • If you can’t find a table runner that you like, sew one out of old handkerchiefs or visit a fabric store. Buy a piece of fabric long enough and wide enough for your table, and sew or tuck the edges under.
  • For a more casual setting, use burlap, white eyelet or a red checked fabric and add casual flowers (think daisies, carnations or wildflowers), seashells or river rocks tucked in here or there. Try linen or silk for dressier options. You can casually gather and bunch the fabric, or lay it out nice and neat for dressier parties. Use roses, cherry blossoms and lilies to go with the silk or linen.
  • Whether you go with cloth or paper napkins, flowers and greenery make nice additions as napkin rings. Napkin rings don’t have to be structured or formal — you can even make them yourself. For example, if you’re having an outdoor-themed party, wrap twine around your napkin and slip a small bouquet of wildflowers, sprigs of greenery or tiny branches between the twine and napkin.
  • If you are going more formal, use a colorful silk ribbon with a single-stemmed flower, along with a monogrammed place card. Perfect for retro parties, use old metal kitchen utensils like small spatulas, whisks or beaters tucked into the napkin.

No matter what style Mom may prefer, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to put the focus on her!

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