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Best ways to share your photos

Way back when, you needed people to come over to your house to show them the precious captured moments you have on film. Duplicating photos was a tedious process, involving much time and money. Now, in the internet age, you need little more than a digital camera and internet access to show the entire world what your life is all about. Here are the best ways to share your photos online.

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This might seem like a no-brainer. After all, out of Facebook’s 900 million active users, odds are your friends and family members are among them. If you’re not on Facebook, some of the photo sharing features might be enough to convince you to create an account and get to uploading. You can upload your photos from your phone instantly via the Facebook mobile app, or upload your digital photos in a very simple process. Plus, if you don’t want certain people to see certain photos, you can block them from seeing them. Facebook is the number-one way to share your photos instantly and get automatic feedback from your friends.


Flickr is a photo sharing service that allows amateur photographers and laymen picture takers alike to share their photos in albums publicly or privately. Simply create an account, upload your photos and send the link to your friends and family.


Tumblr acts as a blogging site and a photo sharing sphere. You can add photos you took on your phone to your Tumblr account, adding a little paragraph of information for your followers to know what’s going on in the picture. Plus, friends and family can comment on your new photos.


Maybe you’re not ready to upload your photos online permanently. That’s ok. If you just want to send someone a link to a photo you just took, simply upload the shot onto Imgur will give you a link where the photo is hosted, which you can then send to your intended recipient.

Traditional email

In the old days, you had to stuff an envelope with pictures, hoping they wouldn’t be bent on the way to the person on the other end. With email, you can simply send them digitally, saving fuel, paper and other eco-unfriendly waste associated with photo processing. If the recipient chooses to print out the photos, photo printers will jet them out flawlessly — as if they were processed by a professional in a dark room.

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