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Tips on capturing magical vacation moments

It’s often about the little things when you’re on vacation. Sure, you might have a few activities planned out, but ultimately, vacations are about the memories you make along the way. So, how do you capture them? Here’s how to make sure your magical vacation moments are never missed on film.

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Never stop taking photos

Keep your camera close to your side. You never know when a memorable moment will pop up and you’ll need it. Even if you don’t think the occasion is monumental at the time, you might look back on the photo with fondness, so never stop! Take a picture at the gas station if you feel the urge. Go with your gut. In the world of digital photography, there’s no such thing as making a mistake. If it’s a bad photo, you can simply delete it later with no wasted time or money.

Forget the poses

It’s instinct to pose for the camera. How many pictures do you have of your family, all lined up and smiling at the camera? Now, when has that actually happened in real life? Probably never. That’s because smiling at the camera is simply unnatural. Instead, opt for capturing those candid moments during your vacation, like when your son is coming down the waterslide, or when your husband is in the sand bunker on the local golf course. Those are the hilarious, unexpected moments that make for the most charming photos.

What else is in the shot?

With point-and-shoot cameras, we often focus on our subject without regard to what’s around it. That works for some forms of photography, but with vacation photography, you might need to add a little more interest. Sure, that flower might be beautiful, but why is it beautiful? Is it because it’s in the context of an otherwise barren desert? Is it because your little girl stopped to smell it? Think about encouraging outside elements, rather than seeing them as a burden on your photo. Sometimes ugly can be pretty in the right context. Embrace it.

Don’t forget the bad

You might want others to think your vacation was perfect, but the fact is that everyone runs into those metaphorical (and sometimes literal) road blocks along the way. Make light of them by taking photos. One day, you’ll look back on those pictures and laugh at the frustration you faced. Plus, it will help you take your mind off the negative in the moment.

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