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How to create a digital vacation scrapbook

In the old days — heck, even just 10 years ago — scrapbooking with custom paper, scissors and glues was all the rage. Creating physical pages that translate your fondest memories is a great way to express how you feel about any given event, but in today’s world, everything is digital. It has become easier to share your memories in a snap, all online. Here are a few ways to mix then and now with your own digital vacation scrapbook.

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Hey, PowerPoint doesn’t just have to be for business presentations. The easy-to-use presentation software can also be used to custom design slides to send family and friends from far away. First, gather which pictures you want to use and create a separate page for each. Then, write a little something about each memory, using your creativity to employ artistic background and fun clip art. Go wild! There’s no such thing as a mistake when you’re all digital.

Flickr is a photo sharing website that allows you to create and host albums online. Create an account, then upload your photos or PowerPoint slides to the website. This way, you can share photos with family and friends and they don’t have to actually download them. They can simply peruse them online at their own leisure. Plus, you can create Flickr groups, in which family and friends can post their own vacation photos.


Pinterest isn’t just for finding new products you want. You can also create your own photo boards, where you can post comments about each picture. Other Pinteresters can look at your photos, or you can make your albums private for just you and your other pinning family and friends.

Go the traditional route, but updated

Perhaps you still like the look of lovingly adorned, physical scrapbook pages. All you need is a scanner to turn them digital! That way, you can upload the pages onto your Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and more with just the click of a scanner. Once you have your pages scanned, you can use an image hosting site like to send them to family and friends without creating an account. This way, you get the best of both worlds: the precious touch of physical photos combined with the information sharing power of the internet. Show the physical pages to family members who stop by, or send the pages off to share with friends across the country.

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