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Best DSLR features for families

When shopping for a DSLR camera, consider more than just the price. Also take into account the features that will be most useful to you and your family.

family taking photo with dslr


Face it. You’re busy enough you don’t have time to learn a million features on your new camera. What you need is a DSLR that is easy to use and offers a variety of automatic options, but also lets you control the settings that you want to control. You want a camera that offers continual shooting for sporting events and other action shots of the family, but also delivers extremely high-quality still photos. Additionally, you want the ability to use different filters and shoot in different modes, depending on your subject and desired results. Believe it or not, all that is not too much to ask. You’ll find an assortment of DSLR cameras that are easy to understand and use, even if you are a complete novice.

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Compact size

You don’t want a camera that is too bulky or heavy. Though DSLR cameras aren’t tiny like some point-and-shoot models, you can find some nice quality DSLRs that are compact in size and weight. Consider the size of the camera, especially if you do a lot of traveling or are always on the go.

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HD video recording

For families, you want a DSLR with Full HD video recording capabilities so that you can not only take still photos but also capture amazing video recordings of everything from your son’s baseball game to your family’s summer vacation. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i offers three recording sizes — Full HD video (1920 x 1080 resolution), HD (1280 x 720 resolution) or SD/VGA (640 x 480 resolution) — giving you the flexibility you want and the quality you need.

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Variable-angle LCD

Sometimes you need to hold the camera high overhead to get shots over a crowd or down low to get the perfect pictures of your children or pets. Therefore, you should look for a camera with a variable-angle LCD monitor that you can simply rotate — no matter how high or low you are holding the camera — and still get the perfect shot.


You may not want to buy a bunch of lenses right now, but you do want a camera that can grow with you as your photography needs change. Therefore, look for a DSLR that is compatible with a wide range of different lenses and other accessories.

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