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Armchair travel: Top 10 travel blogs we love

Whether you want to travel vicariously, gain insight into places you’ve been or want to visit, or just need some inspiration on where to go next, there’s a travel blog out there to help you. Give in to your wanderlust and check out some of our favorite travel blogs.

Travel blogger on vacation

Almost Fearless

We were immediately transfixed by this honest account of life on the road. Christine Gilbert, her husband Drew and their 2-year-old son Cole are currently in Thailand but have traveled all over the world. This blog is an open book on the good, the bad, the hilarious and the frustrating aspects of travel and offers a fresh take on living life abroad — and being a parent while doing it.

Nomadic Chick

Jeannie Mark traded an unsatisfying desk job for a life of travel. She set off in June 2010 after selling everything she owned. Nomadic Chick chronicles her travels, and while so many travel blogs and websites focus on the 25-and-under set, Mark offers a different perspective and proves that you don’t have to be fresh out of school to see the world.

So Many Places

Don’t expect to find guides to various cities around the world or photos of exotic places on this blog — yet. Bloggers Kim and Brian are in the process of getting ready for a round-the-world trip and So Many Places is so far a forum for them to share the experience — from telling their bosses to leaving work to selling their house and creating their list of must-see spots. We’re excited for them to get on the road, but we also find their detailed and honest account about what goes into following your dream to travel a fascinating tale.

The Everywhereist

After being laid off, Geraldine DeRuiter decided to start accompanying her husband on his frequent business trips — and blog about her experience. From musings on trips to various restaurants and museums to observations on airline travel, DeRuiter is funny, observant, a bit cheeky and really fun to read.

A Dangerous Business

Amanda Williams uses her blog to share her passion for travel and inspire others to pack a bag and see what else is out there. She offers travel advice in the form of tips, reviews and guides, along with personal travel stories, photos and videos. We love the sense of fun her blog exudes — you can really get a sense of her enthusiasm for travel.

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Anything you want to know about travel (from how to budget, safety, where to go and how to get there) can be found on this comprehensive blog. The writing is witty and detailed, and the information is concise, helpful and up-to-date. Whether you’re going to Costa Rica for a week or planning a year-long backpacking adventure, you will find what you need to make it happen on this easy-to-navigate blog.

Johnny Vagabond

Whether you’re looking for travel tips, inspiration, insider information on everything from how much it costs to travel (on a budget) or how to get around, or you just want to read some really engaging travel stories, Wes Nations’ blog is worth checking out. With lush photography,  a good balance of practical advice and fun-to-read accounts of a long-term traveler, it’s easy to get lost in this inspiring blog.

Bacon is Magic

Don’t be fooled by the title of this well-written blog. While author Ayngelina Brogan does have a soft spot for bacon, the world traveler writes about a whole host of other topics related to wandering the world. Like hanging out with a well-traveled friend, this blog is as inspiring as it is informative. In her mid-30s, Brogan documents her solo travel pursuits and offers a unique insight on wherever she goes.

Jack and Jill Travel the World

After meeting in college, graduating, getting married and finding jobs, Jack and Jill decided to quit their jobs, sell everything and travel the world. This fun-to-read, informative blog is their adventure from country to country. From food to accommodation to must-see sights (and everything in between), this adventurous couple documents the ups, downs and highlights of their travels.

Wandering Earl

Traveling since 2000 (that’s 12 years on the road!), Derek Earl Baron has visited more than 70 countries on six continents and his blog about being what he calls a “permanent nomad” is a wealth of travel information and engaging stories on just about anywhere in the world you might want to go.

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