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5 DIY gifts with printable templates

Floral paper crown (kid-friendly)

Floral paper crown

Kids can help Dad put together this crown of paper flowers as a sweet gesture for Mom.

For this DIY gift you will need:


Step 1: Open up file floral-crown.pdf.

Step 2: Print out.

Step 3: Cut out the flowers.

Step 4: Cut out a long strip about a 1/2-inch wide, cutting down the diagonal of your 8.5 by 11-inch paper (cutting along the diagonal will yield a longer strip). Cut another strip of the same size from the second sheet of paper.

DIY craft tutorial: floral paper crown step 4

Step 5: Tape the two long strips of paper together at the ends to form a 24-inch band.

Step 6: Set aside three small leaf pieces.

Step 7: Using double-sided tape, secure the paper flowers to the band, starting an inch from the end. Place the flowers horizontally to cover the entire length of the band. Continue until you have only a half-inch left at the end.

DIY craft tutorial: floral paper crown step 7

Step 8: Connect the band ends with tape. Cover up exposed band with the three leaf pieces set aside in Step 6.

DIY craft tutorial: floral paper crown step 8


Finished DIY craft: floral paper crown

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