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5 DIY gifts with printable templates

Watercolor paper orchid

Watercolor paper orchid

Make simple paper orchids to add a special touch
to gifts.

For this DIY craft you will need:

  • Desktop printer
  • Scissors
  • Styrofoam craft sheets
  • Hole punch
  • Glue gun
  • Optional: pink or purple paper and spray-mount
  • Orchid template


Step 1: Open up file orchid-template.pdf and print out onto cardstock.

Step 2 (optional): Mount the orchid template sheet onto pink or purple paper so that one side is the template and the back is colored paper.

Step 3: Cut out orchid pieces.

Step 4: Punch out two holes from Styrofoam sheet or cut two squares about a quarter-inch These pieces get sandwiched between the orchid layers to give the flower depth.

Watercolor paper orchid set up

Step 5: With the glue gun, glue the foam circles (or squares) to the centers of orchid bottom and top petals. Layer the top petal over the bottom and glue together at the foam circle. Glue the “lip” orchid piece to the top petals at the foam circle.

Step 6: Finally, curl the orchid petals and lip toward you to give it depth. Use the orchid as a gift topper or string together a few to form a garland for Mom.


Finished DIY craft: watercolor paper orchid on a box

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