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Skin-savers for moms

Between shuttling kids from place to place, running errands and baking those classroom cupcakes, moms tend to put themselves last on their to-do list. But you don’t have to sacrifice great skin when you’re pressed for time. Use these skin-saving tricks to help keep your skin looking radiant!

mom washing face

End the day with clean skin

The single most important skin-saver for a busy mom is to cleanse thoroughly every single night before bed. Even on those days when you fall asleep before your head hits the pillow, set aside two minutes to wash your face. Choose a gentle cleanser that will take off the day’s grime and all your makeup. Pat your skin dry, and apply a rich cream that will work to hydrate your skin overnight. You can choose to add serums, exfoliants or other specialized treatments to your routine, but for a busy, tired mom, simply focus on cleansing and moisturizing. By keeping your skin clean and moisturized, you’re creating a blemish-free palette that will look fresh and dewy even on the days you forgo makeup.

Sip to clear skin

Dry skin looks dull and flaky. Fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced. Save your skin by staying hydrated. Drink water throughout the day. Fill a couple of reusable water bottles to keep in your car on busy days. Just as it’s important to stay hydrated with plenty of water, it’s crucial to avoid beverages that zap moisture such as caffeinated sodas. Go ahead and enjoy that morning cappuccino or afternoon Diet Coke, but save your skin by sipping extra water along with your indulgent beverage. Same goes for that evening cocktail or glass of wine — enjoy it, but to keep your skin clear, drink water alongside the alcoholic beverage.

Prepare for an emergency

Have you ever glanced in the rearview mirror and found yourself surprised by your appearance? Maybe you have puffy eyes or dark circles, or maybe a line appeared that you swear wasn’t there yesterday. When you feel like your skin isn’t looking its best, pull out a stash of emergency skin-savers that you can use to perk up your face. For example, in a pinch, you can use wet wipes (preferably alcohol-free) to eliminate sweat and grime. Follow up with a lightweight moisturizer and a dash of powder. Keep those items in your glove compartment so you can touch up and de-shine on the go. If you spend a lot of time sitting in your car waiting for kids to come out of practice or rehearsal, toss in your purse a couple of skin-savers such as pore-refining strips or undereye gel. Take advantage of that quiet waiting time to give yourself a mini-facial.

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