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Jewelry made with a purpose, sold for a cause: 31 Bits

31 Bits Jewelry is a socially conscious jewelry line that helps women in northern Uganda rise from poverty. Find out more about the line and how you can help the cause.

31 Bits jewelry

An inspiring cause

31 Bits

When Kallie Dovel created the 31 Bits jewelry line, she had a specific purpose and mission in mind: to help women in northern Uganda conquer poverty by providing them a path to better homes, food and education.

During a particularly moving trip to Uganda in summer 2007, Dovel made friends with inspiring women in northern Uganda who had a talent for crafting paper beads, but were without any kind of marketing plan to sell them.

After graduating from college here in the US, Dovel decided she wanted to help give these women hope for a better future. After heavy brainstorming, Dovel brought a few friends on board and in 2008, 31 Bits was born.

The 31 Bits program helps women by providing literacy education, financial and vocational training, holistic care, and most importantly, strong support systems.

The designers at 31 Bits are these very women, who have conquered poverty and become successful in their craft. Read more about them here.

The jewelry is made from hand-crafted paper beads in intricate designs, which add a touch of unique, bohemian chic style to any outfit. All of these pieces are carefully crafted; not only that, they are made with determination, care and love.

They make a perfect gift for your mother, sister or daughter, even as you give back and give others a chance at a better life.

Learn more about 31 Bits

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