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Check in on life: VueZone video monitoring system

Accessible from any computer, tablet, or via an app for smartphones, the VueZone video monitoring system is a simple way to help keep you in visible contact with the ones you love.


Home monitoring made simple

Accessible from any computer, tablet or via a an app for smartphones, the VueZone video monitoring system is a simple way to help keep you in visible contact with the ones you love.
If you’ve ever wanted to check in on pets, an elderly family member, or your kids after school or while they’re with a new sitter, VueZone video monitoring systems can come to your assistance. Sometimes called nanny or granny cams, video systems can help provide you with peace of mind when it’s most needed.

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The system can have any number of uses, including providing you with an easy way to check in on a second home or to monitor your small-business location. One of the best features of the VueZone system is its simplicity: There is no special software that you need to install, power cords to plug in or network systems to configure. The battery-powered wireless cameras can be mounted on a wall or simply placed on a flat surface.

First select the system and service plan that work best for your needs. When you’re ready to check in, place your camera or cameras, then log in to to creat a personalized account. From there you’ll be directed through the super-simple setup.

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You’ll be able to see what your cameras catch from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection. If you’re using your smartphone (iPhone or Android), the app will allow you to see the same.

The details:

  • Purchase price for the VueZone systems ranges from slightly less than $200 to about $290, depending on the number and type of cameras you prefer.
  • Service plans for the system include Basic, Premier and Elite. All systems include basic service, live video viewing from any computer, email alerts for motion detection, and support for two cameras. The Premium package is free for the first 30 days.
  • The Premier package, at $4.95 per month, and the Elite package, available with an annual subscription of $99.95, include added features like auto recording when motion is detected, scheduling capabilities, digital pan and zoom features, support for additional cameras and smartphone alerts.
  • There are several accessories available, along with the option to purchase additional cameras.

If you’re keeping an eye on Fido and Fluffy, checking in on a loved one or interested in your kids’ after-school activity at home, the VueZone video monitoring system is an easy way to keep tabs. You can’t beat its simple setup and ease of check in to help you stay connected. Check out all the details from VueZone.

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