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Common gardening tools get makeovers

Say goodbye to your old, boring garden tools. Garden tools of today have had a makeover. Not only do they keep your garden looking great, but they look great as well.

woman sitting in garden

Hand tools

Hand tools haven’t changed much as far as how you use them, but they sure do look a whole lot better! Purchase small shovels, hand rakes and more in bright colors with handles made of wood, plastic or metal. Don’t let the colors and patterns fool you — they’re still just as heavy-duty as always, but they look good while working hard.

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No more carrying your tools around in a rusty bucket or dirty bag. Grab a garden tote that’s designed for the job, yet still looks stylish. Metal or wooden totes come with sturdy handles for carrying your tools around the yard and are often covered in colorful designs so they’ll look great just sitting on a shelf when not in use. Shop for these and other fun garden accessories at discount prices at HomeGoods.

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Your flowers aren’t the only star of the show anymore — the containers they’re in should look just as good! There’s nothing wrong with terra cotta pots, but you have so many more choices! Find pots in hundreds of shapes and sizes made from stone, wood, clay, plastic and more. You can get them in any color and paint them if you don’t find the color you need. Look for pots with holes in the bottom for proper drainage — it doesn’t do you any good to have beautiful containers if they don’t keep your plants alive!

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Watering can

Have you had that same green plastic watering can for 20 years now? It’s time to pitch it! Pick up a metal watering can in a bright color or one covered in a garden-inspired pattern. These cans look so great you won’t ever want to put them down! Before you make your purchase, check to see if it’s designed to be used. Some fancy-looking watering cans are just for show and don’t actually hold water.

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