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Garden ideas for small spaces

Not much space for a big garden? No worries! You’ll be amazed at how many fruits and veggies you can produce in a small space with these tips.

indoor herb garden

Use containers

You don’t need a big patch of dirt to grow most plants. Containers are great for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more — plus, you can move them around any time you need to use your space differently. Pick up some decorative containers for a low cost at HomeGoods to keep your garden looking great. Make sure to purchase pots with holes for drainage. Keep an eye on the soil moisture levels. Plants in containers need to be watered more often than plants in the ground.

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Grow up

Plants that vine are great for limited spaces because they can grow anywhere, not just across the ground. Plant these veggies at the foot of a trellis and grow a vertical garden that doesn’t take up precious ground space.

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Plant in succession

Start your garden off with early produce like cabbage and broccoli. As soon as you harvest those early bloomers, plant faster growing plants in the same spots. You’ll get the yield of two gardens in just one season! Some quick growing plants to keep in mind for the second planting are spinach, lettuce and summer squash.

Don’t follow directions

When you purchase a plant, the package is usually full of information about how to grow it. Much of that information is important — heed what it says about light and moisture requirements, as well as the proper growing season. The space requirements for each plant, however, are often greatly exaggerated on these packages. You typically only need two-thirds to half of the space suggested between each plant. Trial and error or previous growing knowledge will tell you how much space each plant really needs.

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Cage them in

Keep your plants from getting unruly by caging them in. Use tomato cages for more than just tomatoes — they work for cucumbers, peppers and much more. Keep the plants within the confines of the cage to save more space for other plants.

Quick Tip

Try planting a garden in window boxes. You have easy access from indoors, and they take up zero ground space!

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