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Maximizing space in your garden

You don’t need a big garden to yield a big crop of veggies this summer. Use these tips from SheKnows to maximize the space in your garden and grow more with less space.

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Grow vertically

Don’t let your plants hang low and take up precious ground space. Use arbors and trellises to grow vining vegetables up high, saving ground space for more plants.

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Cage them in

Keep your plants from getting unruly by caging them in. Use tomato cages for more than just tomatoes — they work for cucumbers, peppers and much more. Keep the plants within the confines of the cage to save more space for other plants.

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Mix it up

Pretty little rows of veggies look nice, but it’s not the most space-efficient way to grow a garden. Plant smaller plants in between the larger ones — put them anywhere there’s space! Place smaller growing radishes in between larger tomato plants, and plant bunches of spinach in the corners. Plants like lettuce, leeks and herbs also take up a small amount of space and can be planted anywhere you have a small bit of unused ground. If you’re worried about not knowing what’s growing where, use vegetable markers to keep track of what you’re growing. Pick up some stylish ones for a low cost at HomeGoods, along with other fun garden decor, to keep your garden looking great all summer long.

Reduce pathways

Pathways are important in gardens — how else are you supposed to pick all of those delicious, gorgeous veggies you’re growing? You can’t leave them out completely, but you can reduce them. There’s no need to place a pathway between every row of plants. Put two or three plants between each pathway. All that matters is that you can reach all of your plants from the paths you have.

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Make a garden anywhere

Who says you can only grow fruits and vegetables in a designated garden space? Plant a pepper plant in your flower bed. Use a row of beans to serve as a border somewhere else in your yard. Utilize containers for gardening and place them anywhere you have an extra foot or two outside.

Plant in succession

Start your garden off with early produce like cabbage and broccoli. Once those have finished growing, harvest them and plant faster growing plants in the same spot. You’ll get the yield of two gardens in just one season! Some quick growing plants are spinach, lettuce and summer squash.

Quick tip

Use containers to put your garden anywhere you have room, even if it’s on a patio or porch.

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