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Bringing the outdoors in

After a long, cold winter, we’re all ready to welcome spring and summer with open arms. You don’t have to go outside to experience the beauty of nature. Bring it inside with these tips from SheKnows.

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Use colors inspired by the great outdoors

Use the colors created by nature to create a comforting oasis inside your home. Colors like grassy green, earthy brown, sky blue and a yellow as bright as flowers and sunshine bring a peaceful feeling to your abode.

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Natural fibers and textiles

You don’t have to go traipsing through the forest to feel nature all around you. Surround yourself in fibers from outdoors. Use rattan, wicker, hemp, bamboo and jute to bring the outdoors inside. Find these fibers in baskets, rugs, curtains, pillows and more.

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Decorate with natural elements

You don’t have to go much farther than your backyard to find awesome decor pieces that will bring the outdoors in. Fill jars with rocks and pebbles, use shells as paperweights and fill vases with branches and twigs. If you can’t find these elements in your yard (or if you don’t have a yard at all), visit a store like HomeGoods to pick up these items at a price that will fit your budget.

Play to your senses

Your mind knows that you’re inside, but the rest of your body doesn’t have to. Light a candle that smells like the woods or the beach, set out a bowl of floral potpourri and play a CD full of nature sounds.

Let the sun shine in

There’s nothing like a hefty dose of sunshine to lift your spirits and brighten your day. Throw open your curtains and brighten the place up with some natural light. If you’re worried about peeping neighbors, use sheer curtains to let the light in while keeping nosy eyes out.

Breathe some fresh air

That air conditioning is nice, but we all need a breath of fresh air from time to time. Turn it off on days when the heat isn’t unbearable and open the windows. Install screens if you don’t have them to keep out bugs and dirt.

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Quick tip

Use photos of nature to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

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