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Best basket buys: The right basket for any mess

A-tisket-a-tasket, you need a storage basket — but which one is right for the task at hand? With so many options out there, choosing the right storage solution can be tough. That’s why we’ve got the inside scoop on the best basket for all of your storage needs.

Open basket


Baskets made with loose weaves, wire frames or see-through materials are great for storing items that frequently change. Use them to store fabric in the sewing room, produce in the fridge or even lost socks in the laundry room. Because you can always see what each basket holds, you won’t need to spend time changing out labels.

Tight weaved


When you have clutter that needs to be kept under wraps, put a tight-weaved basket to the task! The design of these baskets keeps your home tidy while offering a decorative element. Place a basket on the coffee table for a convenient home for the remote control. Use them to hold dvds, cell-phone chargers or even your car keys. These convenient storage pieces will help you stay organized, while keeping items close at hand.?



Don’t waste time digging through piles of tiny objects. Instead, store the items you use on a regular basis right on the countertop. Use a tiered basket to hold serving spoons, to sort mail or even to hold your favorite magazines. You’ll spend less time hunting for what you need, and more time doing the things you love!?



To keep a mess out of sight and out of mind, put a lid on it! Lidded baskets are great for storing items you’d rather not see. Use them in the bathroom to hold nail clippers, brushes and cosmetics. Use them in the kitchen to hold batteries, tea mixes or even zip-lock bags. Using decorative lidded baskets is a great way to keep items accessible, while eliminating clutter.?

Large scale

Large scale

Large messes call for large baskets — and there’s no larger household mess than a pile of dirty laundry! To tackle messes like this, even between loads, use a portable basket designed with handles. The weave of the basket keeps dirty laundry out of sight, while the handles make it easy to transport each load into the laundry room. For easy sorting, use three separate baskets for whites, darks and delicates.

Where to shop

Having trouble finding great baskets that don’t cost a fortune? Browse through the selection at your local HomeGoods. With multiple styles, shapes and sizes, you’re bound to find the best baskets for your home’s organizational needs. Make a list of the storage solutions you’ll need throughout your home, and then purchase one item from the list as your budget allows. Before you know it, your home will be de-cluttered, organized and refreshed — all without breaking the bank!

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