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Nautical touches for every room: $25 or less

Adding special touches to each room helps to create an overall theme. When going nautical, simple and inexpensive items are all that is needed to take you to sea while remaining cozy at home.

Nautical themed living room

Here are a few ideas for how to make each room have that nautical feel.

The living room

Decor, decor, decor! There are so many items that express a nautical theme. Brass decor, anchors, rope and compasses are just a few items that can be displayed in a multitude of ways. Brass-toned candle sticks can be arranged on a media stand, or you can use your coffee table as a display piece by adding a book about the sea. Place a starfish on top for an extra touch. Candle sticks and books are simple items that can be found for less than $25. Sometimes keeping things simple is all that is required.

The bedroom

A wall display over the bed can give a great impact to the entire space. Create your own wall piece by picking up items such as netting and sea shells from a local home discount store — like HomeGoods. Attach the shells to the net to create a budget-friendly display that will be a great focal point for the entire bedroom. Pillows and colored lamp covers can also help to achieve the nautical look.

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The bathroom

When decorating in this small space, simple touches go far. Displaying bath towels or hand towels in colors such as red, navy and white can help to create the look you want. A candle holder with sand is another simple and inexpensive way to add a little nautical touch to the bathroom.

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Nautical themed placesettingThe kitchen & dining room

Set the dinner table in nautical inspired colors. Look for wicker placemats, deep blue colored glasses or nautical patterned napkins to achieve a very sea-like table display. Use fabric with lobsters on it for napkins, and make your simple place setting stand out. When decorating in the kitchen, consider displaying a seafood cookbook on the island. Or head to a discount home store and look for a mini lighthouse to place on the counter.

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The office

Let’s consider adding a few nautical touches to the office. With all the work completed in this space it’s nice to take a moment, look at your surroundings and keep calm. Compasses or anchor paper weights are office items that can help remind you of being at sea. A map or a small globe placed on your desktop are other great items that can be used as decorations.

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