Cool new bulletin boards

You may associate bulletin boards with your grade-school days as something your teacher used, but the common bulletin board has been replaced by creative and fun versions that can really add a cool design dimension to any space.


The bulletin board is special because it can have a place in your life as a work or play tool — and sometimes even as both. Many people have a cool bulletin or blackboard by their work area to make notes of to-do lists, meeting information, work to be delegated and other important work-related tasks that might otherwise wind up out of sight, out of mind.

The image or vision board, where a bulletin board serves as an inspirational instrument when you fill it with photos you’ve taken, happy colors, mementos, quotations, stamps, magazine pages or whatever you find motivational and inspiring, has gained great popularity in the past few years. It’s sort of another tier of scrapbooking.

Whether you want it for the office or your home’s kitchen, there are many new and different bulletin boards out there to suit any style and personality.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sustainable Corkboard Frog

Sustainable Corkboard Frog

I love the ingenuity here! What a whimsical and darling bulletin board — but wait, it also serves the greater good! It is part of a series of bulletin boards in the shape of animals that are affected by global warming. Two percent of the proceeds are donated to tree-nation to support efforts to combat desertification, climate change, and poverty and work for CO2 reduction. Planting more trees in the world helps accomplish this goal.
Burlap Message boards

Burlap Message Boards

The brass nailheads on these bulletin boards, along with the rough texture of burlap, add an Old World feeling and unique interest to your vision board project. Perfect in a laundry room where you really need a distraction!
Mesh Silver Bulletin board

Mesh Silver Bulletin Board

Made from perforated sheet metal, this design looks high-tech and would be perfect for any creative type. Silver push pins and round black magnets are included and hold your pieces with style.
Stainless Steel Square Magnetic board

Stainless Steel Square Magnetic Board

This stainless steel board would be right at home in an office space or a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances. Always in style and forever cool, it’s an easy choice for any lifestyle.
<empty>Pink Memo board

Pink Memo Board

Slip your photos or reminders under the flexible elastic ribbons on this charming pink board. I see it in a teen’s room, along with all her other pink possessions!
Designer Black boards

Designer Blackboards

I couldn’t resist including these designer blackboards, as they are the perfect choice for grocery lists, family notes or appointment reminders. They can mesh with any style and are a timeless accessory you will cherish forever. Totally unexpected and right on point.

Bulletin board uses

Bulletin boards have come out of the closet, so to speak (because I’ve been known to hang one inside a closet door) and are now a part of many home and work spaces 24/7. Use a cool new board as a catalyst to get organized, set and achieve goals, or just to write reminders for your mani/pedi appointments. No matter how you choose to use it, you’ll love your new bulletin or blackboard. You can put a note on your board to thank me later!

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