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How to score deals on spa and salon services!

Being beautiful doesn’t come easy, and it most certainly doesn’t come cheap! A trip to the spa or the salon can get pretty pricey, but pampering doesn’t have to break your wallet. Lucky for you, we’ve got the scoop on the top ways to save money while getting beautiful!

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Dirt cheap spa treatments

In case you didn’t know, a day at the spa doesn’t have to put you in the poor house! In fact, services like SpaFinder and Spa Week are all about saving you money at the spa! Whether you’re looking for a discounted facial or a dirt cheap massage (who doesn’t love a good massage?!), you’ll find something for your every beauty need.

Discounted salon services for loyal clients

Not sure if your local salon offers loyal customers discounts? Check out their website or call and ask!

A lot of salons offer discount deals on services like blowouts or haircuts for loyal customers. We asked Jeffrey Lyle, owner of the renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, why women love these value packs so much and why his salon decided to jump on the bandwagon: “The Jeffrey Lyle Salon introduced our new blowout service, blo, just a few weeks ago and Bostonians adore it! It’s quick, effortless and a true deal at just $35 a blowout.”

Free facials and makeup application at the mall

You had us at free! A lot of department store beauty counters offer free mini facials and makeup applications as long as you’re willing to listen to their product push. The best part? Most of them won’t require a tip or a purchase. A personal fave of ours? The free facial massage at Shiseido counters in Macy’s and free makeup application at Sephora stores.

Cheapo massages

Want a high quality massage but don’t feel like dishing out a ton of cash? Head to a massage school, like the ones at Elizabeth Grady! Lots of training centers offer highly discounted services performed by students. Nervous about letting a student work on you? Don’t be! All students need to pass certain qualifications before working on actual clients!

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