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Katy Perry’s new purple hair: Love it or leave it?

Sometimes, it seems like Katy Perry is determined to wear her hair in every color of the rainbow, doesn’t it? Well, she’s at it again, and has switched up her color one more time! Her latest hue? Purple!

After a long time as a black-haired beauty, Katy Perry set out on a bold hair adventure last summer. Over the course of nearly a year, the singer has gone from blonde, to red, to pink, to blue and now purple!

We spotted Katy sporting her newly long dark purple locks this weekend at Coachella. So what inspired the new hue, Katy? Not feeling so blue anymore after that recent divorce?

Katy Perry debuts purple hair

We’re all for experimental beauty (hey, that’s what makes it so fun!) and love that Katy has fun with her looks, but at the rate that she likes to switch her hair up, she’d probably be better off trying wigs. Such harsh hair switchups aren’t exactly healthy for your hair, and in the long-term, her hair might suffer for it.

Tell us

What do you think? Do you love Katy’s new hue? Should she keep up the changes or cool it down?

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