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Give these bad beauty and style habits the boot

Whether you’re heading to the office, going out with friends or attending a formal function, avoid a style slip-up. We asked style and beauty expert Celeste Hilling, Skin Authority CEO, for her insight into some makeup and fashion mistakes to avoid this spring.



Wearing highly textured layers of clothing, dramatic makeup and multiple accessories all at once is best left for models walking for Oscar de la Renta or Givenchy, but in real life, it’s simply too much. Let one area be the focal point.

“If your clothing is the focal point, then go for simple accessories. If you have an elegant, clean line with clothing, then have one fun, bold accessory, such as a neon handbag or chandelier earrings and bangles,” Hilling says. “When going with the tribal, animal print or camouflage, avoid looking like a walking bedspread. Accessories such as scarves and handbags are the best way to introduce these elements.”

Wearing too much black

Bold color is back. We saw a nod to neon on several spring 2012 runways, from eveningwear at Jason Wu to pencil skirts at Rodarte. So if black is the main color in your closet, you might want to think about diversifying. Many people have been conditioned to think black is slimming and elegant, but it isn’t always flattering. “Because black absorbs light and doesn’t reflect, it can actually make surface skin appear ashen or dark, which accentuates circles, lines and discoloration on the skin,” Hilling explains. The fashion fix: Go bold! “Bright shades of orange, coral, peach and tangerine reflect warmth and vibrancy on the skin, thus enhancing skin tone and illuminating the face,” she says.

Blan black shoesBland footwear

This summer, take stock of your shoe collection and if it’s filled with only darker hues, it’s time to brighten – and lighten things up. “Neutral or bright shoes accentuate leg length and can also distract from any ankle weight. Dark colored shoes will tend to shorten the visual length of the leg,” Hilling explains. With shoes, experiment with patterns or bold colors and if you do wear black, let the shoes be your eye-catching accessory as a way to add interest to your outfit.

Dramatic day makeup

While dramatic makeup and eyeshadow are perfect for the runway (we saw lips pop at Christian Dior and neon eyes at Peter Som), go for more subtle looks during the day. Instead of using every shade in your makeup bag, be selective with color and accentuate the assets which frame your face: Brow, lip and cheekbones.

“A spring[/summer] 2012 look which I love is the ‘white glow’ or candlelight look as it works for every age group,” Hilling says. “Natural, mineral foundation with white eye shadow from brow to lid lets a heavier application of black mascara define the eye,” she explains. Finish with a light application of peach, bronze or apricot blush with subtle gold glimmer or nude lip color. “This reflects natural light to create a warm glow that accentuates your natural beauty and keeps the ‘clown’ look at bay.”

Too much foundation

It can be tempting to over-apply foundation in an attempt to cover imperfections, but less is more. Luminous skin is always at the center of fashion (we spied it everywhere from DKNY to Calvin Klein), but layers of makeup make you look older and add to the depths of lines and wrinkles, says Hilling. Achieve complexion perfection with the right skin care routine.

“At every age, resurfacing away dead surface skin is the key to a luminous glow. Add an alpha hydroxy acid and retinol step each night to your routine,” she advises. While you sleep, this combination of powerful products will dissolve dead skin and remove the layers to diminish the appearance of lines.

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