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5 Great budgeting apps

We might still be feeling the effects of an economic downturn, but luckily, budgeting has never been easier. Between food costs and gas prices, it’s easy to lose sight of what really need to take priority in your life, but don’t get derailed!

Woman budgeting with iPhone app

Here are five great budgeting apps to help keep you on track.


Available for both iPhone and Android, the app helps you keep track of your purchases and helps you set limits on your spending. For instance, if you only have $75 to play around with for food and drinks for the month, you can let the application know and it will tell you when you’ve met or exceeded your monthly dining budget. Plus, Mint allows you to set financial goals. Saving up for that trip to Barbados? This app will help you achieve that goal by letting you know how much you need to save each month until your trip date.


You live a busy life and sometimes things slip your mind. Even important bills! With Pageonce, you can keep track of your finances and spending, but you can also pay bills instantly from anywhere you have wireless access. Set up bill reminders to be sure you never miss another payment again. Plus, you can monitor bank account and credit card transactions, keeping an eye out for fraud and careless spending on your part. Pageonce was named a staff pick and editor’s choice by Google just last year.


Never lose track of another receipt again. With Toshl, your spending history is uploaded into the “cloud” and is accessible whenever you need it, like if you lose a receipt or need proof of purchase. Plus, you can break down your spending habits by year, month and week and see where you can cut spending and where you can afford to splurge.

Lemon — Receipts Refreshed

Really, who wants to carry around messy old receipts until you have an opportunity to deduct them from your check book. With Lemon — Receipts Refreshed, you can simply take a picture of your receipt. The app categorizes the purchase into categories (groceries and dining, for example) and gives you a visual idea of how you spend your money.


Track your expenses as soon as they happen. MoneyBook allows users to manually insert transactions and make notes about the purchase, like if it was a business or personal expense. Plus, you can password protect items you don’t want someone else to see, like that shirt you bought your husband for his birthday.

Watch: How to use the Mint app presents a quick look for the official application.

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