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Top 5 pet blogs

It’s really fun to read about clothes, makeup and celebrities every day. Some days, though, reading about the trials and tribulations of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just isn’t enough.

Cat blog

Luckily, we have countless pet blogs to get us through, with adorable photos and vital information about our furry pals. Check out our top five picks for best pet blogs.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

This one is pretty much a given. After all, what other pet-centric website has spawned its own language? ICHC was launched a few years ago with a simple equation: Cat photos + funny writing = cuteness explosion. Now we have words like “basement cat,” “ceiling cat” and “noms” in our cultural vernacular — and we have I Can Has Cheezburger to thank.

Romeo the Cat + Pugsley

Romeo and Pugsley the Cats are two rescued felines with a mission: They want to raise money for animal rescues!

“This site is focused on giving you, our wonderful readers, a bit of kitty humor each day,” Romeo and Pugsley wrote on the site. (Well, they actually dictated the messages to their human, Caroline, and she transcribes them.) “Our mission is to publish content that you’ll love, that will keep you coming back often, and then use this site’s earnings to help rescues and shelters across the nation. So far, we’ve been fortunate to have been able to donate $60,000 to pets in need!”

That’s nothing to sneeze at! Plus, these two know a thing or two about the importance of rescues: Pugsley was even hours away from being euthanized before being adopted. Now these two are both gracing us with their witty ways a few times a week, including the ingenious way they wake their owners up in the morning. It’s a must-read for all cat lovers.

Dog treatsPawcurious

A blog that is both funny and informative? Surely, such a thing doesn’t exist. Oh, but it does — and the name’s Pawcurious. The blog, run by veterinarian Dr. Jessica V, hosts a wealth of vital pet information within its pages. Our favorite? The recipes for baked dog treats (no fillers or nasty stuff here!). We’re also a big fan of the health information Dr. V doles out, including which holiday plants are toxic to animals and video posts where she answers our burning questions with a bit of sass — for free! Free and funny information that involves animals? Sign us up.

CatThe Conscious Cat

Cats are some of the most widely loved — and misunderstood — creatures out there. Luckily, websites like the Conscious Cat exist to give us feline lovers information we didn’t know we needed. For example: Did you know that you can over-vaccinate your cat? Neither did we, until the Conscious Cat told us. The blog came out of author Ingrid King’s love for her adopted cat, Buckley. She even wrote a book about the experience of adopting Buckley and the grief she went through when he succumbed to heart disease at age two. Another must-read for all cat lovers.

Hearts United for Animals

Sadly, the lives of animals aren’t always filled with tummy rubs and delicious treats. Thousands of animals are “thrown away” every year, thanks to neglect or just plain cruelty of their owners. One blog aims to show the underbelly of the pet world with honest — and sometimes sickening — stories that come from the animals rescued by Hearts United for Animals near Auburn, Nebraska. A large part of HUA’s rescue dogs come from the dozens and dozens of puppy mills in the Midwest. The dogs rescued from these mills are often dirty and sick, with problems ranging from rotten teeth to cancer or worse.

It’s not all bad news, though: HUA shows us that these animals can come out the other side and find loving, safe homes. Yay for responsible pet ownership!

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