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Top 5 Reasons to get a pet bird

Most people choose to get a dog or a cat as a household pet. Not you, though: You’re bold and not afraid to think outside the box. Why not consider getting a pet bird, then? They’re not as messy as you think — and they’re a ton of fun!

Parrot in a cage

Birds get a bad rap in the pet world. Some dog and cat lovers think they’re dirty and obnoxious animals better left to the wild.

“Alfred Hitchcock ended a classic movie with eye-pecking killer birds –. enough said,” one anti-bird pet owner told SheKnows. Oh, how wrong they are: Birds are actually the perfect pet for those who can’t — or don’t want — the typical dog or cat as a pet.

Why should you consider getting a bird? Well, do you have all day? Because there are plenty of reasons why birds make great pets.

birdThey’re inexpensive

Unlike dogs and cats, birds only require a tiny bit of food and water a day to sustain them. Birds require a diet of high-quality pelleted food, but you can also set aside some bits of fruits and veggies from your kitchen to supplement their diet. Just make sure you don’t give them foods such as avocados, apple seeds, onions, chocolate and mushrooms — those foods are highly toxic to our little feathered friends.

Besides food, the largest expense you’ll have for pet birds are their cages. You don’t even need expensive cage liner to clean up their bathroom breaks — just line it with the newspaper when you’re done reading it.

They’re intelligent

Calling someone a “bird brain” might be an insult, but birds are actually one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. Think about it: What other animal learns to mimic human actions and speak actual words? That’s what we thought.

They’re low-maintenance

Birds don’t require nearly the amount of attention that dogs and cats need — you don’t have to walk, house-train or entertain them. It’s also a lot easier to clean out a bird cage than a litter box.

They’re perfect for small spaces

It’s not always the best choice to bring a dog or cat into a tiny apartment — there just isn’t enough room for them to run around and entertain themselves (without eventually destroying your favorite stilettos). Not birds: All you really need to keep a pet bird is a few feet of space to put its cage.

Also, many landlords don’t consider birds as “pets,” so you won’t have to pay extra fees to keep a bird at your place.

baby birdThey’re social

We like to think that those people who bring their pet birds with them on errands as a bit “out there,” but it’s actually not that weird. Why? Birds are extremely social animals that can get even more attached to their owners than dogs or cats. A bonus: Your bird will always be there to listen to you complain about your crappy day and comfort you with a sympathetic chirp.

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