DIY place mat photo frame

Want to instantly add personality to a room while still spending less than $20? Step away from the cheap art or fake plants at Ikea and head home to make these adorable place mat photo frames instead! This cute, super-easy DIY craft is an easy way to add some charm to a boring wall or even spruce up a nursery.


This project really couldn’t be easier and takes less than 15 minutes, start to finish, so you can easily put these frames together while catching up with the Real Housewives. What’s better than that ?

What you’ll need: 


  • Circle place mats (I used two)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Photos
  • Adhesive strips (for hanging)
  • Decorative framing accessories (I used a lace runner from old curtains)

Step 1: Cut photographs to fit the middle of the place mat


Cut your photos into medium-size circles, or whatever size that will fit perfectly in the center of the place mat. If you’d prefer, you can stencil the size of the middle of the mat onto the back of the photo so it fits, but I just eyeballed it. Then place the photo in the middle to ensure it’s evenly cut and it fits. (You may need to trim a few times to get it right.)


Carefully glue the photo to the place mat, holding it down to ensure it sticks in place.


Step 2: Trim & glue the lace

Whether you are using lace, ribbon or another type of fabric, you need to trim it so it fits exactly around the photo to create the most professional, even look. I measured around the circumference of the photograph and then added a half-inch to the total length, in case of fraying.


Once your fabric or lace is trimmed, wrap it around the photo to double-check it’s the right length. You might have to trim it a bit if you cut too much.


Carefully glue the lace trim around the photo, holding it down so it stays in place.


Cut off any loose ends and place a book on top of the trim and the photo for at least 10 minutes so the glue can set.


Once the photo and trim have set, repeat the process with your other photos and place mats. Then, using your adhesive strips, hang where you’d like and enjoy!


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