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Fabulous bathroom décor under $20

As soon as spring rolls in, we all get the itch to give our homes a new look. Don’t let your bathroom get the raw end of the deal. Bring your bathroom up-to-date with some of our favorite decor trends for bathrooms this spring.

Modern bathroom with flowers

Live flowers

If you don’t have a budget for a big redo, find small ways to liven up your bathroom this spring. One of the simplest ways is by bringing spring’s most beautiful treasures into that room. Place small vases near your sink, on top of your toilet, in your windowsill — wherever they fit and as many as you want. Keep fresh flowers in the vases, and every time you walk into your bathroom, you’ll be greeted by spring’s greatest gift.

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Farmhouse furniture

There’s nothing wrong with shiny and new, but a piece of furniture that looks like it’s lived a little has a special appeal. Spread your love for farmhouse furniture around your home this spring by finding new uses for it in the bathroom. Use an old side table or vanity as a bathroom console by replacing the wooden top with something a little more durable and adding a sink. You’ll lose some of the storage because of the pipes underneath, but you’ll love the look. If you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer, you can pick up a new piece designed to look old and repurposed.

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Wood grain

Not too long ago, anything with a wood finish was taboo in the bathroom. Thankfully, that trend has passed because we love this feature in our bathrooms. This spring, it’s hip to bring nature’s beauty indoors with gorgeous wood grain — and you’ll be surprised at the ways people are working it in. You don’t have to actually haul in wood to achieve this look. Create the look you’re going for with textured wallpaper or wood-grain throw rugs. For a soothing, spa-like effect, put up porcelain wall tile with a glazed, wood-grain finish.

Quick Tip

The most effective way to give your bathroom a new look is with some color. Try some of this spring’s hottest colors such as tangerine, lemon yellow or bright blue.

Living luxuriously

Do you want a high-end bathroom, but your budget is decidedly middle-of-the-road? Fake it with one beautiful, top-of-the-line item. Where you spend the money depends on your preference. Splurge on a relaxing rain shower head or a super-soft set of fluffy towels. That one item can easily make your entire bathroom look a little more upscale, and you’ll just feel fancier when you use it.

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