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Instagram finally available for Android

After what has likely felt like an eternal wait, Android users can now finally download the immensely popular Instagram app, capture great photos and instantly share them with others.

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Android users have been eagerly anticipating the day when they would have access to the app that iPhone users have been enjoying since Instagram launched in October of 2010. And now they can download it for free from Google Play, Google’s online store for apps, ebooks and other media.

Instagram has been growing at an explosive rate. With more than 27 million registered users, up from 15 million in December, Android users have had to sit idly by and watch others have all the fun.

But not anymore. Finally, Android users can experience what Instagram describes as “a beautiful way to share your world.”

Just as with Instagram for iOS, the Android version of Instagram offers custom-designed filters and borders, Lux photo editing and instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare with Flickr support to follow soon.

The Instagram description page says that the new app works with Android versions 2.2.

You can get a sense of just how amazing Instagram photos can be by visiting Mashable’s photo gallery of some of the most gorgeous Instagram photos ever taken.

With so much pent-up demand, it will be interesting to see just how many new users Instagram gains in the coming days and weeks.

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